Welcome to the Inspired Soul Virtual Retreat!

Are your ready to experience a VIRTUAL RETREAT & reconnect to your heart and soul?


We can be together while apart. 

Join Emily Perry and the #rockyourpurpose tribe for a virtual retreat to reconnect you to heart and soul.

A virtual soul journey: as we gather together in an online space (Zoom), we'll retreat in our homes and hearts.

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What to Expect during the Inspired Soul Virtual Retreat?

  • Centering, grounding, & connection.
  • Chanting (Mantra) to heal & restore.
  • Meditation & Breathwork designed around the retreat's theme (LiveAwake Method™).
  • Journaling prompts & techniques designed to inspire and support your soul journey.
  • Inspired Soul Yin Yoga flow practice.
  • Time for conversation, questions & connection.
  • And so much more...

Inspired Soul Virtual Retreat: Earth Medicine

An two-hour online transformative experience with Emily Perry via Zoom.









Meet Emily Perry...

Emily Perry is an Inspirational Speaker & International Teacher. She is the founder of LiveAwake Method™ Breathwork and Meditation, host of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast, and is a featured teacher on Yoga Anytime.

Emily has spent nearly twenty-five years studying and teaching yoga, mindfulness, and energetic healing systems, and she weaves the essence of these teachings into her work as a teacher and guide.

Her commitment is to everyone rocking their purpose and waking up to their best life yet: Emily infuses her innovative work with passion and her joy for living authentically.

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Meditation & Breathwork

Meditation & Breathwork designed around the retreat's theme, Inspired Soul (LiveAwake Method™).

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Journaling & Inspiration

Leave inspired and connected after journeying through journal prompts and contemplations.

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Inspired Soul Yin Yoga Flow

Connect to your inner experience through this sweet Yin Yoga Flow. (No props or prior experience needed).

Two-Hour Virtual Retreat


Sunday April 5th, 2020
9 am- 11 am PDT
  • Meditation & Breathwork
  • Yin Yoga
  • Journaling & Soul Work
  • Community Connection