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Welcome to the LiveAwake Collective...

a community for luminaries just like you ready to reclaim their power & ignite their life.

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What if there was a virtual space where you could gather with like-minded souls to explore what lights you up & sets your soul on fire?

Now there is.

Think: Meditation. Breathwork. Transformational Workshops. Healing Circles, Energy Mastery, Manifestation Practices, and so much more!

Inside the LiveAwake Collective Experience:


Experience the healing and transformative power of Breathwork (pranayama).
Uncover your essence.

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Connect to your inner experience with meditation practices designed to ignite your intuition.
Heal your heart.

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Feel inspired and activated with Energy Work practices and Soul Work insight practices.
Reclaim your power.

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LiveAwake Luminaries

LiveAwake Luminaries, our private Facebook community, is included in the Collective experience.
Stay connected & inspired.


You know you're a LiveAwake Luminary if...

  • You're ready to tune-in to your inner wisdom & share your gifts with the world.

  • You're ready to align with your heart's vision & with what matters most.

  • You believe that we are earth & stardust, energy & matter— and you're ready to honor all of it.

  • You feel deep inside that we are all connected, and when you heal, the collective heals.

  • You know intuitively that there is something more for you to be doing in the world, and you're ready to claim your light!

The Doors to the LiveAwake Collective are Now Open!


Stand in Your Sovereignty...

Get ready to work your light & claim your power!
At the LiveAwake Collective we believe that we are all self-sovereign, with unique gifts to be shared with the world.
It's time to reconnect to your self & stand in your purpose. 

The LiveAwake Collective's

Sacred Spaces:

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The Sun Lodge | Shine Bright

Each month in the Sun Lodge, you'll experience Emily's signature transformational practices.

Here you'll find the LiveAwake Method™ foundational practices that are the heart of the LiveAwake Collective experience.

Each month you'll dive into:

  • Breathwork & Meditation Practices inspired by Emily's decades of experience in multiple yoga forms and meditation lineages.
  • A monthly Soul Temple Flow: slow flow & soulful yin flows to ground you in your body & your being

Grab your cushion & let's transform together: get ready to #liveawake & #rockyourpurpose.

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The Moon Lodge | Align with the Cosmos

In the Moon Lodge, you'll recalibrate your heart & spirit to align with your soul path.

In the Moon Lodge, you'll explore:

  • Luminary Circles: our monthly Moon Gathering Livestreams
  • Affirmations, mantra, ritual, and ceremony in sync with the Earth & the cycles of the Moon.
  • Cosmic connection: sound healing, intuitive astrology sessions... all amplified with the healing power of essential oils

Align with the elements & cosmos and live the life you are called to live.

Go gather your crystals— it's time to #rockyourabundance.

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The Soul Shala | Light Up Your Purpose

Connect deep within and embody the magic of your being in the Soul Shala.

Here you'll find transformational workshops and masterclasses to support you in stepping into your next evolution.

Workshop themes include:

  • Uncover your Purpose & align with your Destiny.
  • Abundance Activation & Manifestation.
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs, and inner and outer barriers to rising up and shining bright in your life & your soul work
  • Heart Medicine: ancestral healing, karmic healing, and Soul Work

Activate your soul vision & step into your next evolution.

Dig out your favorite journal & pen... This is a potent time to reclaim your power & #rockyourtruth

life purpose spiritual emily perry affirmation meditation spirit junkie yoga manifestation podcast podcaster rock your purpose personal transformation development

Meet the Founder, Emily Perry...

Emily Perry is an Inspirational Speaker & International Teacher. She is the founder of LiveAwake Method™ Breathwork and Meditation, host of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast, and is a featured teacher on Yoga Anytime.

Emily has spent over twenty-five years studying and teaching yoga, mindfulness, and energetic healing systems, and she weaves the essence of these teachings into her work as a teacher and guide.

Her commitment is to everyone rocking their purpose and waking up to their best life yet: Emily infuses her innovative work with passion and her joy for living authentically.

Her dream has been to create a space where she can house all of her offerings in a cohesive way— so we can all rise up together.

yin yoga emily perry soul temple agia tera kaur

What exactly is the LiveAwake Collective?

The LiveAwake Collective is an online membership community & retreat space for Lit-Up Luminaries (just like you). The collective is a co-creative space where all are welcome.

Each month you'll get access to course content + exclusive Facebook livestreams and masterclasses.

Think of it like a virtual retreat center + soul-aligned practices to support your heart journey.

kundalini yoga agia tera kaur

What can I access as a Member?

Members of the LiveAwake Collective will get exclusive access to transformative, life-changing trainings and courses.

New content is released each month & organized around themes. Members get special access to retreats & courses (virtual and live in-person), as well as community discounts on other events.

Plus, members get free access to the Collective's 40 Day Practice Series, and so much more!

This membership experience will support you through the challenges and the triumphs, the healing, and the celebrations.
All are welcome in this co-creative space.

Your Membership Includes:

(Membership content accessed via our membership website; Livestreams via Facebook & Zoom)

  • Monthly Sun Lodge Meditation & Breathwork
  • Monthly Soul Temple Yoga Practice
  • Monthly Moon Lodge Gathering Livestream
  • Monthly Soul Shala Masterclass Workshop
  • Community, Connection, Inspiration in the LiveAwake Luminaries Facebook Community
  • Journaling & Soul Work 
  • Continued Access to LiveAwake Collective Library
  • PLUS: Member Discounts on Retreats, Masterclasses & more...
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