Join Emily Perry for Heart Medicine: a six-week masterclass journey...

heal your heart & reclaim your power.


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Heal the Past & Reclaim Your Power...

Experience power practices designed to support your healing & transformation.
When we heal, we create a conscious, expansive, intentional life. What's waiting for you?

Inside the Heart Medicine Masterclass Experience:

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Experience the healing and transformative power of Breathwork (pranayama). Uncover your essence.

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Connect to your inner experience with meditation and chanting (mantra) practices designed to ignite your intuition & shift your vibration. Heal your heart.

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Feel inspired and activated with soul work insight journaling. Each week you'll receive a guidebook for the week's theme. Reclaim your power and heal old patterns.


Stand in Your Sovereignty & Uplevel Your Life

You have a unique medicine to share with the world. When you reclaim your power, you reclaim your voice & your vision.
Honor your heart medicine.

Meet Emily Perry...

Emily is the host of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast, an Energetic Mastery & Business Coach, and a Spiritual Teacher creating courses & trainings steeped in Embodied Energetics, Intentional Manifestation, & Soul Aligned Strategy for Heart-Centered Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in embodiment and leadership practices, Emily uses her training as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and as a Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork Teacher Trainer, to empower heart-led leaders to rock their purpose.

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Your Six-Week Journey Includes:

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Soul Medicine (week 1)

Honor yourself and your journey. We begin where the past & future come together— in the present moment.

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The Medicine of Letting Go (week 2)

Clear karmic cords and energy leaks; release what's not yours to carry, and what you'll no longer need on the journey ahead.

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Energy Body Healing (week 3)

Radically shift your vibration & reclaim your voice. Experience energy body healing practices & inner work.

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Heart Medicine (week 4)

As Hafiz says, "An awake heart is like a sky that pours light." In this week we'll tap into the fearless heart and our own unique heart medicine.

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Shakti Soul Medicine Transmission (week 5)

Connect to your inner experience with meditation practices designed to ignite your intuition. Experience a Goddess transmission that will forever change you. Heal your heart. 

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Heart Prana Activation (week 6)

Reclaim your power, your soul vision, and your intuition as you find integration and deep connection to source.


Inside the Heart Medicine Experience...

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New Practices Each Week

At the beginning of each week, you'll log into your masterclass portal to access that week's content and practices. You'll go through the practices at your own pace.

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Facebook Community Included

Get three-months of support and create connections with other participants in the Rock Your Purpose Course Community private Facebook group.

Doors Close Soon!

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Bonus: One Year in the LiveAwake Collective ($250 value)

The LiveAwake Collective is a resource community for luminaries just like you ready to reclaim their power & ignite their vision, while crafting an aligned life and soul business. Includes access to the mediation, energy mastery, breathwork, and personal development resource library (worth $250). 

We have two payments options: claim your spot in this healing & empowering experience...

Heart Medicine Masterclass with Emily Perry


Full Pay Option

Six-Week Course

  • Six-Weeks of heart-healing content, including breathwork, meditation, chanting
  • Weekly journaling prompts & rituals.
  • Facebook Community support in the Rock Your Purpose Course Community

Heart Medicine Masterclass with Emily Perry

5 payments of $111

Five-Pay Option

Six-Week Course

  • Six-Weeks of heart-healing content, including breathwork, meditation, chanting
  • Weekly journaling prompts & rituals
  • Facebook Community support


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